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MAG Online Shop

MAG now offers a web shop for the procurement of parts. At the touch of a button you will get all the information on availability and price. Access to spare parts for more than 50 machine brands and to more than 1.5 million articles is available from all around the world and around the clock.



Make Like Production (MLP)

Make Like Production (MLP) in Eislingen


MAG combines the competence and the complete process chain for powertrain technologies under one roof (from proposal, over sales, process layout, tool technology, fixture construction, machine building, measurement, CNC-programing, commissioning up to turnkey manufacturing lines). With this unique selling proposition, MAG is an system specialist for the machining of powertrain applications as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and transmission cases.



  • Preferably close-to-production of pilot production components

  • Close-to-production machining process with equal cutting parameters as feed, cutting speed, spindle speed, coolant lubricant etc.

  • Using the tool technology from the original process

  • Using the clamping technology as similar as possible (e.g. zero point clamping system)

  • Transfer of CNC-programing and measurement to serial production

  • Transfer of results from MLP to serial systems and projects (close-to-production manufacturing under production-related conditions)

  • Cost-saving through synergy effects (e.g. CNC-programs, measurement programs and results concerning fixtures, tools, operation sequences and much more)


The complete process chain under one roof


From the first machining attempts over prototypes to the complete agile system, MAG offers in every stage of product development a full support reducing costs and risks.

Core competences


  • Scheduling

  • Simulation

  • Machine building, system, tool and fixture construction, CNC programing

  • Measurement

  • Make Like Production

  • Project management

  • Turnkey system provider

  • Service
Your benefit


  • Everything from a single source

  • Less interfaces

  • Low process costs

  • Measurement technology

  • Workpiece development

  • Process reliability

  • Risk minimization

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