MAG is a leading manufacturing technology group for machining tasks in milling and turning for turnkey manufacturing systems and machines with customer-specific application technology.

MAG is globally represented with locations in Germany (Goeppingen, Eislingen/Fils and Rottenburg am Neckar), in the US (Sterling Heights and Port Huron), China (Changchun, Beijing and Shanghai), India (Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune and Chennai), Hungary (Kecskemèt), UK (Birmingham) and Switzerland (Neuhausen a. Rhf.).

With a strong foundation based upon renowned machine tool brands such as Boehringer, Cross Hüller, Ex-Cell-O, and Lamb, MAG has become a global player since its founding in 2005.

MAG serves the automotive and truck industries and their suppliers with unmatched technology and expertise.

MAG offers machine tools, manufacturing systems, and services including turning, milling, honing, systems integration, automation, software, maintenance, retrofit, e-learning, and core components for machine tools.

As full scale supplier, MAG manufacturing solutions include machining technology, process capability, system design and full turnkey systems.

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Supervisory Board
MAG IAS GmbH, Germany


Luigi Maniglio


Dr. Heiner Lang
President Europe & Asia


Brian Prina
President Americas


Guiding Principles

  • MAG is a leading global manufacturing technology group with operations in all major markets and regions and the capacities to provide full scale solutions and services tailored to local requirements.

  • With a huge knowledge base, excellent engineering and innovation capabilities, we are a leading productivity partner for the automotive and truck industries and their suppliers.

  • Our unique portfolio of equipment and services adheres to rigid global quality standards.

  • Energy saving, resource conservation and the usage of environmentally friendly materials and technologies are in the focus of our daily acting.

  • The people at MAG are guided by the idea that everyone – regardless of gender, origin, religion, race, age or individual challenges – who realizes their potential and understands the power created by a common goal can achieve the best for themselves and their company.

  • We are committed to complying with the relevant laws, regulations, restrictions and MAG internal compliance guidelines.



Proof for quality and innovation


Quality and innovation cannot just be defined by guiding principles or quality management systems. Rather, the highest praise is an award from the customer which expresses his satisfaction and even sets quality standards in his industry.

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  • MAG honored as best supplier

    Chongqing/Goeppingen, December 2008 – SGMW honors MAG for the installation of the manufacturing system in Liuzhou with the “Supplier Award for Excellence Service“.

  • MAG again honored as best supplier

    Chongqing/Goeppingen, December 2009 – SGMW gives MAG the “Supplier Award for Excellence Service” for the manufacturing system installation in Qingdao.

  • MAG receives award: "BMW Supplier Innovation Award 2011"

    Goeppingen/Munich, November 2011 – On the occasion of the annual BMW suppliers’ conference in Munich, MAG receives the award for exemplary execution of projects to the start of serial production of the new BMW 3-series.

  • MAG Automotive again honored as best supplier

    Chongqing/Goeppingen, January 2013 – SGMW once again gives MAG, a supplier for the production equipment of engine components, the “Outstanding Supplier Award”.

  • Renault Nissan honors MAG as “Best Capital Equipment Supplier 2013”

    Goeppingen/Bangalore, June 2013 – On the occasion of this year’s Renault–Nissan supplier’s meet, held in Chennai, India on June 5, 2013, MAG received the prestigious award as Best Capital Equipment Supplier 2013.

  • MAG receives award for the BBAC engine plant

    Beijing/Goeppingen, November 2013 – On the grand opening of the joint engine plant in Beijing, BBAC honors MAG with an award for the great cooperation in setting up the manufacturing line for cylinder blocks.

  • MAG honored as best supplier for the fourth time

    Chongqing/Goeppingen, December 2013 – SGMW gives MAG as main supplier of manufacturing equipment for the machining of crankshafts, cylinder blocks and heads, the “Outstanding Supplier Award”.

  • MAG again honored on SGMW Supplier Meeting

    Sanya/Eislingen, January 2015 - MAG has again received this year, as in the previous years, the award "Supplier of the Year 2014". With this price SGMW honors again MAG's product quality and work.

  • CJLR Supplier Excellence Award

    Shanghai/Eislingen, March 2016 - MAG was awarded with the "Supplier Excellence Award 2015" by Chery Jaguar Land Rover.

  • AI Award

    Beijing/Eislingen, April 2016 - SPECHT DUO series from MAG was awarded with "the 4th User Favorable Comment" award (from Vogel Automotive Industry) because of high efficiency, quality, innovation, advanced technology and good service.

  • JLR Gold Supplier Excellence Award

    Eislingen, June 2016 - MAG was honored with the "Gold Supplier Excellence Award" by Jaguar Land Rover.


Quality and Environment

Quality and environmental management at MAG


The implications of the term "quality" go far beyond the requirements to the final product - they also include all processes within our company. Reliable results for our customers can only be achieved on this comprehensive basis.

Quality means not just to fulfill the customer's requirements but also those of the employees and the company, e.g. meeting requirements for safety at work and environmental protection.

Only those who control their processes will, in the end, manufacture a high quality product. Therefore, process management is an essential component of the culture that has been undertaken at all MAG locations.

MAG has realized the advantages of modern process management. Since June 2011, MAG IAS GmbH holds the new ISO 9001 certificate.

Environmental protection (certified in accordance with ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety are also integrated in this management system.

Today the ISO certificates are standards which are taken for granted, particularly when co-operating with automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Beyond this, MAG fulfills customer-specific requirements through partnerships, as illustrated by the Q1 status we received from Ford.

MAG focuses on continuous improvement processes within the company. Targets and key figures, customer satisfaction and internal communication are areas that have to be improved continually. Re-engineering projects help to optimize processes and ensure that the high level of competence and qualification of MAG employees leads to the development of higher quality products and services.

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MAG Energy and Working Environment Management



Innovation is our Tradition

  • 1900s
  • 1900s - 1930s
  • 1940s - 1970s
  • 1980s - 1990s
  • 2005 - today